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1) Survival Robot

2) XYZ Table / CNC machine

3) Heartbeat Monitoring System

4) Intelligent Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)

5) Car Security System Remote by Hand phone

6) House security System

7) Power Hybrid  System

8) Underground Cable Crack Detector 

9) Shipping Monitoring Protection System

10) Real Time Monitor and Control the Traffic Light

11) HVAC Inspection Robot

12) Smart House Monitoring System 

13) Automation control and monitoring application for farming system

14) Landslide wireless monitoring system

15) Piping Inspection Robot 

16) Design and Development of Bus Speeding Alert and Monitoring System

17) Wireless water tank controlled and monitoring system 

18) Wireless water treatment process controlled and monitoring system 

19) Low cost Chicken Coop automation system

20) Low cost mushroom house control and monitoring system (Automation) 

21) Design and development low cost landslide monitoring system

22) Design and development multiple control system using DTMF technique

23) Development GUI controller system using XBie Module wireless  

24) Development GUI controller system using Satel radio wireless system


1) Optimum Power Tracking for Power Energy (photovoltaic)

2) Design and Construct the Renewable Energy System (Wave Energy)

3) Design and Construct the Renewable Energy System (Tidal Energy)

4) Design and development the Optimum power for wave energy system 

5) Design and development the Optimum power for tidal energy system

6) Design and development the Pico-Hydro Energy System

7) Intelegent load control application in Pico-Hydro Energy System 

8) Design and construct the Multilevel Inverter using diode clamped technique 

9) Design and development maximum power output application in Pico-Hydro Energy System

10) UNIKL-BMI e-Lab Web-Browser Based Real-Time Access and Control of Remote Experimentation on ROBOTIC  – Grant from UniKL (RM 18, 000) 

11)  Design and Development Maximum Power Output Application for Tidal Energy System – Grant from UniKL (RM 20, 000) 

12) Develop pre-commercialization of smart embedded green system for agriculture plant – Grant from UniKL (RM 20, 000) 

13) ·         Research and Development DIY Quadcopter and DIY Jet Fighter for aerial photography and First Person View (FPV) using APM flight controller and KK2 flight controller – In Progress 

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